Tasteful tinsel: Banish tackiness with these classy Christmas décor ideas

For too long, we’ve accepted that Christmas and tackiness go hand in hand with tinsel-covered trees, gardens fit to bursting with light-up decorations, and plastic holly at every turn. The good news is that there is another way.

Tasteful tinsel

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If you prefer your décor to have a little more finesse, don’t throw your values out of the window at Christmas time. Read on for some tasteful ideas for a tacky-free, beautiful house at Christmas.

The Tree

The tree is the centrepiece when it comes to Christmas, but it’s also the place where tackiness is most likely to be applied. There’s nothing wrong with having personal items, such as decorations your child made at school or perhaps a decoration from your own childhood, but when it comes to big plastic baubles and the annoying tinsel, it’s time to say goodbye. Lights too will look classier if you avoid multicolour varieties and stick to one colour instead, ideally white or cream. The best decorations for a tree are made from natural items. During autumn, get the kids out collecting pine cones or acorns, spray them gold and hang with rustic twine; this is far nicer than a bright red bauble.


Every citizen in the Western hemisphere can attest to how front gardens are simply getting out of hand at Christmas. From full-on light and music extravaganzas to figurines of Santa up the chimney or even a full nativity scene, it’s time to realise that less is more. If you do want to brighten up your front space at Christmas, choose one area and stick with that; white exterior fairy lights around one tree is perfect. A beautiful house deserves to be complemented at Christmas, not defaced.

Around the House

With any other decorations, think natural. Anything that doesn’t have to made of plastic shouldn’t be, including candle holders, table centrepieces, wreaths, holly and mistletoe. To get a better idea of tasteful décor, head to http://reliable-remodeler.com a site with beautiful houses that will inspire you to think differently about Christmas décor.

In summary, the two key concepts are that less is more and that nature’s bounty will provide. Get crafty to make your Christmas decorations look more rustic and tasteful, and remember that when it comes to lights and shiny things, you should keep it simple.

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