Taking the stress out of your office move

Moving office premises is an exciting time and often a chance for you to have a good old clear out. But on thing that strikes fear into any business owner is the amount of time that the business will be inoperative and not earning money. So, whilst you let Office fit out companies like https://mobiusatwork.co.uk  take care of kitting out your new office, here are some handy hints to keep your business working for as long as possible:

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  • Communicate to your staff that everything will be ‘business as usual’ whilst the move is going ahead. This may mean key members of staff working from home so that they can still utilise all the equipment they need and be a point of contact for customers or it may be making your move in phases and moving key staff over first so that they can eb working whilst the rest of the office is setting up.
  • Make sure your IT department and providers are kept update on every stage of the move so that the transfer over of servers, internet and telephone providers can be as seamless as possible and then at the moment your old office utilities are switch off the new ones are already up and running.
  • If you use an office fit out company to create your new space for you and a professional office removal firm to transfer you across you can make the relocation out of office hours which will mean that there is little to no disruption to your staff and customers.
  • Have your pending move details added to the bottom of your email signatures for a couple of weeks before your move and information regarding the completed move for a couple of weeks after. An office move is also a good point to contact your customers in one way or another and catch up with them, whether you decide to do this in person over the telephone or via email, social media or other marketing method. Many businesses also use relocations as a great opportunity to offer a discount or special service to your exiting and new customers. It really is a marketer’s dream.

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As difficult as it may be, make the most of the move and the opportunities it gives you to sort through your business documents, perhaps look at your processes at the same time and to catch up with both your staff and customers.

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