Tackling the Teen Talk about Sex

Most of us find talking about sex embarrassing and will do anything we can to avoid the subject. However, could this have a negative impact on our teenage children? Might they be entering into relationships unarmed with sufficient knowledge to keep themselves safe both mentally and physically? Here we look at ways of talking to your teen about the awkward topic:

  1. Find the right moment

Avoid the ‘it’s time to talk’ approach as your son or daughter will immediately clam up. It’s far better to broach the subject when it happens naturally in conversation. Prepare an opening line into the conversation ahead of time and when you both see a love scene in a movie or see two people kissing in the street, then let the conversation flow into what you want to say.

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  1. Get things straight in your head first

Consider the message you’ll be putting across. It helps to understand how you feel about issues before coming across as vague or uncertain. Before you broach the subject, how do you feel about your son or daughter dating? You don’t want your daughter getting pregnant, but what if she asks if it’s ok to other things? Yes, you might it awkward thinking of your child in this way but remember all education is important, including sex education.

  1. Listen

Many of us fall into the trap of lecturing. We might not intend to but during an uncomfortable silence, it’s easy to fill the gaps with more of our so-called ‘pearls of wisdom’. When your teen starts to talk, don’t interrupt. If you suspect they’re trying to tell you something but clam up, try instead asking how they imagine people would feel in different situations. Don’t worry if your teen admits to being sexually active, and don’t be angry. Help them to understand the pros and cons of sexual choices. If you are concerned about the risk of STIs, then consider Chlamydia Testing kits London. Visit greenwich sexual health for a chlamydia testing kit you can use in the privacy of your own home.

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  1. Maintain the dialogue

Don’t let it be a one-off conversation but explain to your teen that your door is always open and it’s ok to talk about sensitive issues. Don’t be too nervous to talk specifics either. If your teen is spending a lot of time with a partner, don’t hope they are being sensible but come out and ask if they are! Don’t accuse but ask and offer them a box of condoms. Do they know how to use them properly? Your son or daughter will likely act mortified for a time but when it comes to their health and safety, you’ll both get over it and might even have a giggle about it!

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