Staff Relocation Programme? Seven Tips for Employers on Getting It Right

Many businesses need to move their staff at one time or another. Maybe they’re consolidating into one office to cut costs or moving to another country.

Staff Relocation Programme

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But moving premises and staff, with all the attendant concerns, can be a stressful and worrying time for all. So what are the things you need to consider?

1. Give Enough Time

Giving someone a week’s notice that you are moving their job to another country is, of course, not advisable. Workers need time to adjust to the idea of moving, so the more notice they get the better.

2. Put It in the Contract

If you are in the type of industry that is likely to move around from place to place as business dictates, it is a good idea to put a so-called mobility clause in employees’ contracts.

According to the UK government website, this clause allows employers to make people move to places mentioned in the clause, unless it is ‘unreasonable’.

3. Give a Clear Reason

Make sure you have sound business reasons for relocating, and communicate these reasons to your staff in a clear way that everyone can understand.

4. Consult

If it makes their commute too long, or they will have to move home, your staff may not want to go. Consulting properly before any definite change is put in place is key.

5. Consider Compensation

The UK government website says that unless it is specified in a contract, an employer is not required to offer compensation when relocating. But if you want to keep key staff, it may be worth considering.

6. Support

Offering some other support, such as relocation assistance, will go a long way to easing any transition. People need help when moving – it is your responsibility to give it to them.

7. Redundancy

If someone has refused to relocate, they match redundancy criteria and it is not unreasonable for them to refuse (say they do not want to move their family), then consider making them redundant.

If you need more help on the subject, why not consider using employee relocation services, such as those described on the DT moving website?

Wherever you are moving to, make sure you get the correct information you need to make your move as stress-free as possible for everyone concerned.

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