Sport England Funds Announced to Assist with Flooding

After the severe flooding in the north of the country this winter, Sports England has announced that it will help sport recover by doubling its funds. The emergency flood relief fund is being used to help those sporting organisations affected by Storm Eva earlier in the month. The fund has also been doubled and now stands at £400,000.

Sport England Funds Announced to Assist with Flooding

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Available Funding for Sports Clubs

The funding from Sport England is available to organisations such as sports clubs, community associations and local authorities to repair facilities and buildings related to sport. The storms have damaged many sporting facilities, including floodlights, grass pitches, club houses and pavilions, so this extra help from Sport England will be put to good use across the northern counties.

How to Request Funding

If clubs and organisations need fast help, they can request up to £5,000 through the Sport England website, and the funds could be available to use in just a couple of weeks. Storm Eva is the latest in a series of storms to batter the north of the UK, with Storm Desmond back in December proving one of the first weather disasters for sports clubs.

Sports clubs such as football clubs are often seen as the worst affected due to their outdoor areas, but many lesser-known sports and niche sports are also feeling the effects of the storms. Bowling clubs have had their greens destroyed by flash flooding, while ten-pin bowling clubs have also had buildings and equipment damaged.

Bowling Clubs

Sport England’s funding has enabled many bowling clubs to restock from the high-quality bowling equipment providers available around the country, such as Petes Pro Shop and other similar stores. There are many bowling accessories necessary for top-level competition and amateur playing alike, such as bowling balls, bowling clothing, bowling shoes and bowling gloves.

Through their generous funding, Sport English are ensuring all the correct pieces of equipment are available for clubs at all levels. Sporting clubs and associations all over the north of England are benefiting from the help of Sport England’s relief fund of £400,000. Sport in England can rest safe in the knowledge that should another serious storm hit the country on a similar level to Storm Desmond and Storm Eva, there is help available for those organisations that need it.

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