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The Spice Girls were global giants of the pop world during the 1990’s and Leeds can proudly boast one of their own in this mega star line up. Mel B, also known as Scary Spice is now a television personality, actress and talent show judge who now lives in Los Angeles. However, she is a Leeds girl at heart and grew up in the Burley area of the city. Imagine, if you will, that her music career never took off and she entered an entirely different profession. Here is what Mel might be saying if she had been a website designer:

Who do you think you are: Before you think about revamping your website, make sure you know what message you want to put across. Understanding what you are all about and selling your unique brand will help you to focus on exactly what you want your website to say about you as a business.

Do It: sometimes no matter how incredibly creative you are, there are certain established steps that need to be taken to ensure success. Follow advice about good quality web content. People desire information and they want it delivered to them quickly and reliably. Superior content is a must whatever the nature of your site if you want a site that’s frequently visited and easily found through search engines.

Spice Up Your Site

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Too Much: sites with too many colours, text that is too small and flashing writing on black backgrounds is a big no-no when it comes to the design of your website. Too much information scattered all over the place and navigation that takes you nowhere is also not advisable. Pointless animations and logos that are unclickable will leave your customers running away as fast as they can. Less is more as long as it tells the customer what they want to know and does so quickly and effectively. For Web design Leeds, visit northstar-website-design.com.

Say You’ll Be There: this is a very important concept in website design, you want your customers to trust your business and you want to help them achieve this by offering easy to use, clear navigation. Your visitors must be able to navigate quickly and be able to find useful links and relevant information. Search  boxes may be helpful for large quantities of information and call to action buttons must be well placed. If you say something will there, make sure it is.

Wannabe: don’t be a wannabe but be a force to be reckoned with. Set up a Twitter account for your business as this is a great medium for offering discounts and offers. Tweet your whereabouts if you have a physical store and regular updates and before long you will have followers and these are potential customers. Set up a Facebook page for your services. You can upload pictures of what you offer and it lets people know what’s new in the business and can make you look more professional. Make sure you link back to your website for maximum benefit.

Never Give Up on the Good Times: this is true of your shiny new website. Sites are like many tools and without regular checking can become broken and links change. Make a list of things to inspect regularly, as better that you spot an error than a customer. Be sure to check every link on your page and that your contact forms do actually work and have current information on them. Regular quality control on your site will pay dividends and keep your customers happy with a current and user-friendly experience.

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