Some of the weirdest things found in the drains

We are all aware of the stories of Alligators living in our drains but this is just the tip of the Iceberg, plus it’s not true. It’s hard to believe but these are some of the genuine things found that have been discovered in the sewers. Before anyone goes down into the sewers to investigate it’s an idea to send a camera first. For example a CCTV Surveys Gloucester based company like the one in the link can take a look. I wonder if they’ll see anything like this.

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  1. Lots of animals. Whilst there may not have been a congregation of Alligators or Crocodiles there has certainly been others. Whilst there is no way they could have been flushed down the loo, sheep and even a Cow have been discovered wandering down in the sewers system. Ducks also turn up with great regularity.
  2. Gold. Sadly not found in this country a huge amount of gold was discovered in Japanese sewers in 2009. A slew of sludge and slurry had ripped it out of some machinery. They found about thirty five thousand pounds worth.

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  1. Essex is known for having a bit of money but even they might be surprised to find that someone had flushed four very expensive watches down the toilet. A sewage worker handed them into lost property and whilst one was real the others were fake.The real one cost twenty one thousand pounds to buy. It was returned to the owner who rewarded the worker.
  2. Half a Mini. Not a new one but an old type. It totally blocked up the sewer. It costs 70 million pounds a year to unblock London sewers alone.

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