Some interesting facts about grass

Grass is a wonderful plant. It has one of the most primary roles in the garden; it makes up the good old lawn. How much do you know about this hardy little plant? One thing is for sure, it takes time to make sure it doesn’t get too overgrown. This is why you have to know that if you need any Briggs and Stratton Parts then are the place to go.

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  1. The grass in your garden is just one of many varieties. Wheat, corn and oats.
  2. The whole family of grasses is known as garminae.
  3. The tallest grass grows to 120 feet.
  4. The first lawn mower was a push along affair with no motor. At least it was a step up from the scythe.

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  1. About twenty percent of the earth’s surface is covered in grass.
  2. Some of the species date back over one thousand years.
  3. Different types of grasses can be used in construction or for making paper.
  4. Do you like Beer, whiskey and bread? Just remember they all have grass involved in their makeup.
  5. You may well be wondering why grass is green? That is because of a substance called chlorophyll which is present in all plants to some degree.

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