Six ways to make your office space eco-friendly

Have you been wanting to make your office space eco-friendly? Here are some tips on how to embrace the greener side of your office, which can also help your company save energy and money too.

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Reduce waste and recycle

One of the most effective ways of being eco-friendly is to cut down on the amount of paper you use in your office. Start using emails instead. Don’t use sheets of paper to scribble things down, type them into your computer. You can also reuse pieces of paper that you’ve just jotted things down on again. Don’t buy things for the office that you don’t really need. This only increases the amount of rubbish that you put in the bin.

Turn off the power

Electricity should be used in a more efficient way. When things like computers, printers and copiers aren’t being used, turn them off. Rooms not in use shouldn’t have the lights on. Take advantage of any natural light you have around your office. If you’re looking for offices to let Basingstoke has plenty of open-plan, eco-friendly options to choose from

Get something green

Bring potted plants into the office. Watering them often and giving them enough sunlight to flourish really helps your office space become more eco-friendly. Are you looking for a new workspace? If you’re looking for offices to let Basingstoke based Matrix House is a great option (

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Improve the kitchen

Reusable kitchenware is a must for an eco-friendly office. Do away with the paper cups and plastic cutlery and turn off any equipment when it’s not being used.

Change the stationery

There are thousands of green office products out there to help you on your quest to go green. You can buy 100% recycled paper pads and pencils. Use refillable cartridges in your printer and print in black and white whenever possible to save on ink.

Put a policy in place

Having a policy in place that commits to being more eco-friendly in the office is a great way to boost your green efforts. The HR department of your business will be able to help you come up with ways to be more eco-friendly, including offering incentives where workers can achieve things by being more green. Keep tabs on your progress and see what you can achieve.

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