Six uses for a pressure washer

Pressure washers are more popular than ever. Hand-powered versions are available for under £20, electric for under £100, and industrial ones begin at about £1,000; however, regardless of the power of the washer, it is unusual to see them being used for more than car washing. This is such a waste, so here are six more ideas.

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Two words in the English language can ruin any man’s Sunday – ‘window’ and ‘cleaning’! This is not the case when you have a pressure washer, as you can reach your windows safely from the ground and with no great effort.

If your local water contains salts, stains appear as the water evaporates. You can filter your water – as they do in car washes – or add a detergent. You can easily make your own detergent; alternatively, try adding a small amount of white vinegar to the water.

The whole house

Even modern houses start looking tired after a few years, so it is no surprise that Victorian ones have the grime of ages. The jet of good-quality washers can reach the eaves with enough power to do a good job – no hazardous climbing or expensive scaffolding required.

You need to spend a little more to get a high-powered washer, perhaps by Briggs & Stratton; however, quality washers last longer and have replaceable parts. You can buy Briggs and Stratton parts from stockists such as

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Drives and garages

A good pressure washer can also lift oil stains from concrete or tarmac. Use it on your garage floor, driveway, patio, and the road outside your house. The whole neighbourhood will benefit.


It is very important to keep your gutters clear, as blocked gutters lead to damaged brickwork and penetrating damp. There is no easier way to clear them than with a pressure washer. With the right attachments, you may be able to dispense with a ladder.


Similar problems arise from blocked drains. Again, a washer is the simplest way to clear them without expensive call-outs.

Garden furnishings

Anything exposed to the elements soon looks dowdy; however, instead of throwing away last year’s patio furniture, try a pressure wash. Garden decking and sheds can be washed at the same time. When washing timber or plastic items, start at a low power setting and use a wide-angle nozzle.

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