Six types of construction crane

There are a surprising variety of cranes used in construction projects around the world, each serving a specific purpose. Here is a quick breakdown of the six main types of crane that you are most likely to encounter.

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Tower Cranes
Arguably the most conspicuous and widely seen construction crane, a tower crane will be essential in building larger structures such as skyscrapers, because of its large size and fixed base.

Truck Mounted Cranes
Providing ample portability thanks to being mounted on a specially adapted truck, a mobile crane can be driven into position almost anywhere, with added stability provided by integrated outriggers which can be deployed on demand.

Overhead Cranes
Encountered in manufacturing facilities rather than on construction sites, overhead cranes are intended for regular use when handling larger loads, such as equipment, cargo and materials. Manoeuvrability is enabled thanks to the crane typically being suspended from a trolley which in turn is mounted on a beam.

Telescopic Crane
For adjustable reach, a hydraulically operated crane with a telescopic boom is a good option. Even non-telescopic models, such as the Davit crane found on sites like, will have hydraulic components in order to allow for precise control of movement and operation in challenging usage scenarios.

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Loader Cranes
In order to safely load and unload heavy kit from trailers, a loader crane will be a necessary add-on. This type of crane needs to be very compact, with booms and beams that can fold in on themselves to allow for fast, efficient and safe shifting from site to site, as well as for superior storage options.

With so much diversity in the crane market, it is easy to see why growth is predicted over the next half decade.

Mobile Cranes
While truck mounted cranes are technically mobile, there is a distinct niche for machines which are platform-mounted for mobility of a different kind. They may feature their own integrated wheels for moving from place to place, although it is also possible to find examples which feature tracked underpinnings to give them additional benefits when operating over loose surfaces.

Mobile cranes can be the most versatile types for construction, although it really depends on the scale of the project as to whether this or some other example of crane equipment will fit the bill.

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