Should I choose a loft conversion?

Do you have enough space for a loft conversion? Never given it any thought? If not, then you may be surprised at the wide range of benefits to converting your attic space. Here are some good reasons to take advantage of extra space:

1. Add Value

It is common knowledge that a loft conversion will add considerable value to your home. It is strong way to make an investment in your home, increasing the value by 20%. A loft conversion can also be achieved without breaking the bank but does have the possibility to add a great deal. A loft conversion can easily be used to rent a room to a lodger or foreign students, for example. Ensure your conversion is done to a high standard, complete with Downlight Covers for insulation. For more info on Downlight Covers, visit a site like Thermahood.

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2. Improve, not move

Moving house can be a very costly affair so choosing to remain in the existing property may be more logical and economical. Choosing to stay in your current home means you will not have to increase your commute to work, make school changes for your kids or put yourself through the stresses and strains of packing all your worldly goods.

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3. Improve Space

Of course, a loft conversion can provide additional space, but you will also benefit from increased storage options under your stairs, which means extra space in other rooms of your home as well. Lofts are essentially a ‘dead’ space so to transform them into a ‘useable’ space means you do not eat into your area as you do with an extension of the exterior.

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