Seven budget-friendly wedding tips

Many people think nothing of going all out for their wedding day. However, for others, the idea of starting their married life in debt is a worry. The average cost of a UK wedding now tops £25,000, and this figure continues to rise year on year. Read on to find out how you can avoid being in the red on your big day.

Seven budget-friendly wedding tips

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No wedding planner

If you can use the internet and pick up a phone, you can be your own wedding planner. Of course, it does take some time to carry out all of the research, but that’s all part of the fun, right?

Delegate responsibilities

Planning a wedding should not be left to one person within the couple. It is a joint venture and as such, the planning should be a joint effort too. You can even rope in the assistance of ushers and bridesmaids if they are willing.

Be practical

If you find your dream wedding dress on sale, it doesn’t make it any less your dream dress. Grab it with both hands and rejoice in the fact you got yourself a bargain!

Seven budget-friendly wedding tips2

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Budget rings

The wedding rings will be with you for life. As such, it is best to buy something of exceptional value which is going to last the term. There are ways to get the best value for your money however. Very subtle differences in clarity, colour, cut and carat can make a big difference in price but look very similar.

Free venues

The beach, a gorgeous park or simply a friend’s back garden can work beautifully as a wedding location. You may need to have a small legal ceremony the day before, and although permits may be required, there should be plenty of time to secure these, and what could be more romantic?


Getting married off season can make a huge difference on price. So, if you don’t want to choose a cheaper venue, see what they charge in January instead or August. Try for wedding venues in Essex.


Most people will be more than happy to contribute time or their skills to the big day in lieu of a wedding gift. If you have a skilled auntie who can make the cake, someone to sew bridesmaids dresses and a friend studying photography at college, every little helps.

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