Repatriating a body

If a loved one dies somewhere outside their home nation, it can be a bewildering and complex situation. Here is some helpful information to explain everything you need to know about the repatriation of the body and how the process works.

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What is repatriation of the body?

Repatriation of a body is the term used when transferring the deceased to their home country if they have died abroad. If a loved one has died abroad, or in the United Kingdom but the burial will be done overseas, you’ll need a team of specialists to assist with the repatriation. A respected funeral director will provide support in collaboration with the embassy of the country, airline, and the coroner on behalf of the family. For Repatriations Essex, visit a site like T Cribb, a specialist in Repatriations Essex.

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Repatriation of the deceased to the UK

If a loved one dies abroad, but the desire is to cremate or bury them back in the UK, the body must be repatriated. If the person died whilst on holiday, travel insurance cover will need to be checked to establish whether the policy terms cover repatriation fees.

There are a few important stages to take when repatriating a body from abroad. These steps can vary from country to country, however, it is important that you follow the correct steps to ensure that the process is as smooth as possible.

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