How to keep your car secure in 2020

Keeping your camper secure is important if you want to enjoy a holiday without worrying about the integrity of your vehicle or possessions while you are elsewhere. Here are six tips to tackle common security concerns.

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Door locks

While the standard door locks on most camper vans may be adequate for basic protection, you may want to invest in additional internal locks that allow you to secure the doors while you are inside the vehicle.

You can fit a range of latches and even dead bolts to campers, which will keep you and your family safe from intruders while you are asleep.  Another great idea is to put a Security Seal on the door of the campervan from sites like

Motion detection

A standard alarm may not be enough to monitor the interior of a large camper, so getting a system fitted that can detect unexpected movements within the cab is a good idea.

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Some modern setups are even capable of providing you with a text-based alert if the alarm is activated, meaning you can respond even if you are out of earshot of the aural alarm itself.

Simple deterrents

Van thefts are rising in many parts of the country at the moment. Thankfully a quick, easy way to dissuade thieves from breaking into your camper is to fit blinds or curtains to cover all of the windows.

Companies sell such features fitted already, so if you are looking to buy at the moment then asking about security features ahead of time is advised.  

Tougher measures

If you feel that obscuring the view into your van is not enough, adding interior bars or meshing will mean that even if the glass is smashed, entry will not be possible. Some might feel that this creates a compromise in terms of the van’s aesthetics, but others will be willing to accept this compromise.

Tracking tech

Installing a tracker in your camper van will let you pinpoint its location anywhere in the world if it is stolen. Some manufacturers offer this fitted in the factory, while a third party add-on is required by others.


Crooks are unlikely to try and steal your camper if it has been kitted out with a wheel clamp when you park it up at a site. These are affordable yet effective in boosting security, and should be on your wish list if you value protecting your vehicle.

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