Opening a Sports Training Facility: The Essentials

If you are interested in setting up a training facility, there are the main areas you will need to focus on initially.

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One of the biggest mistakes people make when opening a new performance fitness centre is to organise the facilities around the building and space available. In order to establish exactly what you want, however, the layout and design of the faculties you want to offer should come first – then you can find the most suitable building to house it. Some of the best places to house sporting events, clubs and your permanent facilities are Tensile Fabric Structures which can be built to your specifications.

You will need to be patient, but it really will be worth the wait once you find exactly what you are looking for. Think long-term and check out the choice of spatial structures to see what options you have.
Consider how you expect your training sessions to run. You will need space for warms-ups, somewhere to carry out football or rugby drills and somewhere for strength work and also for conditioning. Consider the flow of the layout – will it need to cater for multiple groups of people or several training sessions happening simultaneously?


Selecting the right equipment is one of the most exciting aspects of opening your own facility. Whatever you buy should be good quality – it’s going other used a lot and will need to withstand quite a battering.

Flooring is also very important. Not only does it need to last, but it also needs to be of good quality to prevent injuries. Other things to consider are your budget, how you intend to keep it germ-free and what sort of activities you intend to offer. You may need a combination of carpet and wipe-clean areas. Rollout rubber flooring is great. It’s easy to install and very low-maintenance. You will also more than likely need a good-sized area of turf. Artificial turf will work the best for sports performance training sessions.


Almost as important as the building layout, where the building is situated is also critical to the success of your business. Is it easy to find and easy to get to? Will your clients be able to park? Also thoroughly research the area to check for any competition.

Setting up any type of new business is both hard work and exciting. If sport and performance training are your passions, what better way to share your enthusiasm, skills and expertise?

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