New year, healthy eating regimes for good dental health

We all know that when our diet suffers, so does our health and the health of our teeth. This is particularly true after the Christmas season. Eating sweets, chocolates and puddings around the clock puts a huge strain on the insides of our mouths. Why not take your New Year’s diet resolutions a step further and consider eating healthily for your teeth?

New year, healthy eating regimes for good dental health

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Dairy products are good for your teeth

Foods such as cheese and yogurt are high in calcium and protein, which promote strong teeth and gums. Yogurt is full of probiotics, which are beneficial bacteria that help neutralise the power of bad bacteria by diluting their presence in our mouths.

Cheese also raises the pH inside our mouths, and this lowers the possibility of tooth decay. Just remember when you’re shopping to reach for natural yogurt instead of flavoured yogurts. A small flavoured yogurt can contain as much sugar as a chocolate bar, and your teeth won’t thank you.

Get crunching

While the practitioners of general dentistry in Leicester such as those at don’t recommend eating an apple instead of brushing your teeth, apples are still a good food for your teeth. Eating an apple after lunch produces healthy saliva in your mouth, and this dislodges food particles and neutralises acid.

Carrots work in much the same way and are also rich in vitamin A. Keeping a bag of baby carrots around is guilt-free snack for dieters and those who care about their smile.

Celery toothbrush

A diet stable since the ‘80s, the good intentions of a stick of celery have often been abused by the addition of peanut butter. However, if you can get used to the taste and texture of a plain stick of celery, the rewards are twofold.

Crunching on celery acts like a toothbrush and it is a great source of vitamins A and C, which promote good gum health. The health of your gums is critical to the health of your teeth, making this a teeth superfood.

Keep in mind that the best thing for good teeth is drinking and sipping water. If you can replace fruit or sugary drinks with water, you’ll be doing your teeth a huge favour. Water rinses the teeth and helps keep the pH in our mouths neutral.

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