Making your own ice cream

Is there anyone who doesn’t love ice cream? A couple of scoops of your favourite flavour can really boost your mood and is great for cooling off in the hot weather. There are so many flavours to try and so many great toppings – it’s a dessert with endless delicious possibilities. While it’s so easy to pop to the supermarket and grab a tub, it can be even more fun to make your own.

Having control over the ingredients and feeling proud of the end result can make it taste even better. Turn it into a family activity and let the kids run wild with their imaginations over toppings and flavour choices. You might create something you absolutely love and isn’t available in the shops. Remember to stock on some quality food flavourings to make delicious desserts. Try some Raspberry Food flavouring from

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Whilst you can invest in an ice cream making machine, you don’t need to. It’s possible to make ice cream with just the use of your freezer! Using an ice cream machine will give a smoother, finer texture than doing it by hand but for some, this is part of the homemade fun. You’ll need to remember to churn it regularly by hand while it’s in the freezer if you’re not using a purpose-built ice cream maker.

If you decide to purchase an ice cream maker, there are several options. Traditional machines can require rock salt and ice, as well as the ingredients to make the ice cream. This will require buying additional supplies and it’s a more time-consuming process but a lot of fun.

Splashing out a bit more will get you an electronic ice cream maker, giving you ready-to-eat ice cream in under 30 minutes. You’ll also be able to make sorbet and frozen yoghurt too, opening up a whole world of tasty, healthier dessert for the family.

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After figuring out how it all works, you’ll need some recipes to get started. Ingredients you’ll need include sugar, thick cream, rock salt (for vintage machines), vanilla extract, flavouring, spices (depending on the recipe) and lots of imagination!

For the very best results, make sure you buy the best quality ingredients. Homemade ice cream is only as good as the ingredients you put into it. If you’re treating yourself, then splash out a little extra on free-range eggs, organic milk and ingredients as fresh as they can be. Think about using real vanilla for example to make a luxurious vanilla ice cream.

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