Making The Most from Your Garden all Year Around

So summer is basically over and you may be feeling the effects of the shorter days – but that doesn’t mean that you have to ignore your garden until next summer rolls around. There are LOADS of brilliant things that you can do in the winter months.

Making The Most from Your Garden all Year Around

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How about doing the garden up a bit in the autumn? Instead of neglecting it have a clear out, spruce it up a bit, get rid of any old furniture that you no longer need. Even invest in some more garden furniture ready for next year – now is the ideal time. Many shops have sales when the summer is over so you can go and grab yourself a real bargain on a patio set or a new bench.

Think about making more extra room for the house in part of the garden. Maybe a playroom for the kids, a games room or if you work from home or have older kids who need somewhere private to study, why not have a look at garden offices from garden spaces? They are a great way to make the most of the garden all year around even when the weather is not great, and will also free up some space for you in the home.

At Christmas time, make it really festive! Think strings of twinkling lights in bushes and trees, festive garden ornaments, this will make it really magical, especially for young children. You could make a little Santa’s grotto if you have the room, or if you are more limited for space, how about some pretty light up ornaments and a snow carpet to make it a real white Christmas? You can even make your own garden ornaments for Christmas.

Don’t forget about nature – if you want to enjoy your garden all year around, there is no better way than making a nature garden, which will encourage wildlife. Put up a bird table – especially in winter, when other food is scarce, wild birds will be grateful of food put out for them daily and you may even attract the odd cheeky squirrel to the table as well!

Making The Most from Your Garden all Year Around2

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A garden really can be enjoyed, whatever the weather, so don’t let the rainy days of England put you off!

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