Making the Colossal Sculptures of the World

Around the world there can be found huge statues and sculptures built to memorialise or immortalise great people or animals. They can also be placed to mark a special event in history or a celebration of culture. Some are strange, some difficult to interpret and some that are just plain magnificent.These are often created out of a variety of metals and may require the use of Bending Machines such as the ones you can see at in order to bend some of the metals into the shapes that are required. These machines are used across a variety of industries for the same use.

Here we look at some of the most colossal sculptures in the world:

  1. London’s Spider

If you’re not a big fan of arachnids then you won’t like Louise Bourgeois’ giant spider sculpture that sits outside the Tate Modern in London. It’s constructed of stainless steel, bronze and marble and measures a creepy 30 feet tall. We’re not quite sure what it represents but it’s probably the biggest spider in the world – hopefully!

  1. Silver Dog

Standing guard outside the Denver Animal Shelter in Colorado is the giant silver dog. This shiny canine is made from steel that’s been covered with 90,000 dog tags that create amazing glittering and glistening in the wind. The dog is 20 feet tall and when night falls, he lights up with LED lighting to give a warm, welcoming glow.

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  1. Marilyn Monroe

Located in Palm Springs, California a giant Marilyn Monroe statue stands in her iconic dress-in-the-wind pose from the 1955 movie, The Seven Year Itch. Forever Marilyn immortalises this beautiful celebrity of a bygone era and was designed by Seward Johnson.

  1. Die Badende

This sculpture is brilliant and was found in Binnenalster Lake in Hamburg, Germany. This huge lady is bathing in the lake at 13-foot-high and 99-foot long. She is not a permanent feature unfortunately but was made from foam and steel and made an amazing feature to sail around.

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  1. Doll in India

Another impressively large sculpture of a doll sits on the beach at Visakhapatnam in India. Very lifelike, the doll is popular as a photo opportunity for tourists to the area.

  1. Dreaming Girl, St Helen’s

Located at the mid-point between Manchester and Liverpool stands the serene 65-foot statue of a sleeping girl. She is called dream and she rests on the site of what was once a colliery. The artist who designed the statue wanted to represent the hopeful possibilities of the future. If you find yourself in this area, look out for her overlooking the M62 motorway.

  1. Buddhas

The iconic Buddha of Burma was built in 1991 and is a huge representation of Buddha’s death and his passage into nirvana. This statue in Myanmar is actually hollow and visitors can enter and walk around inside the 300-foot length viewing pictures of Buddha and his followers.

  1. Milka

The biggest animal sculpture ever created was called Milka and shaped like a cow. It was an impressive 46.6 feet tall and 38 feet wide. It was unveiled in Berlin, Germany in 2007 and made it into the Guinness Book of World Records.

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