Macrame tools everyone needs

Macrame is a beautiful and intricate art form that involves creating decorative patterns and designs by knotting cords together. Whether you’re a seasoned macrame artist or just starting, having the right tools at your disposal can make a significant difference in the ease and quality of your projects.
In this post, we will explore the essential macrame tools that everyone should have in their toolkit.


Sharp scissors are an absolute necessity when working with macrame. You’ll need them to trim cords, cut fringe, and tidy up your finished knots.

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Macrame board or workspace

Having a dedicated workspace is crucial for macrame projects. You can use a macrame board, a corkboard, or even a piece of cardboard to pin your cords in place and keep your work organised. A workspace will help you maintain tension in your cords and prevent them from tangling as you work.

Tape measure or ruler

Accurate measurements are vital in macrame to ensure your patterns and designs come out as planned. A tape measure or ruler will help you measure the length of your cords and the spacing between knots.

S-hooks or carabiners

S-hooks or carabiners are incredibly useful for hanging your macrame work in progress. They allow you to adjust the height and keep your project at eye level while you work on it. This not only helps with ergonomics but also allows you to step back and assess your work as you go along.

Macrame kit

In addition to individual tools, consider investing in a macrame kit to simplify your projects and expand your creativity. There is a large range of macrame kits from Wool Couture which are ideal to get you started on a new project.

If you are interested in finding out about the history of macrame, you will discover a wealth of information on this website.

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The right tools

Having the right tools in your macrame toolkit can make a world of difference in your crafting experience. Stock up on these macrame tools, unleash your creativity, and start knotting your way to stunning masterpieces. Happy macrame crafting!

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