It’s not just “Old Grannies” who use Crochet Kits, this trendy, creative art form is enjoyed by youngsters too.

When you think of someone knitting and crocheting you probably bring up a mental picture in your mind of an old, grey-haired granny, wearing round rimmed glasses, wrapped in a shawl, sitting by an open fire!  If you are one of these people, you’ll be surprised to find out however that many teenagers and young mums are turning to these old-fashioned past-times to make beautiful, practical, hard-wearing clothes for themselves and their children as well as dolls, teddy’s, placemats, cushion covers, blankets and other useful household items. If you are intrigued by either knitting or trying out one of the many different Crochet Kits supplied by a company like then go online and access their website to order one or two.

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Trending on multi-media sites and enjoying a surge of tutorials and blog posts about the topic, the art of crocheting has become very popular amongst all ages, sexes, different ethnicities, backgrounds, faiths, colours and creeds.  With many families struggling in the difficult financial climate we find ourselves in today, it’s no surprise that many are turning to creative ways of saving money and making new, practical things for themselves and their homes. Crochet clubs are springing up in many cities, towns and villages, where young and old alike, come together to spend an hour or two of creative pleasure and enjoy a chat and a cup of tea.

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Crochet is a creative artform that uses a simple hook and a fibre, maybe, thread, twine or most likely yarn. The relatively simple technique of interlocking loops of fibre with the specialist crochet hook can create many beautiful and practical clothes and household items. Originating, in its most basic form back in the 1800’s, many Countries in northern Europe like Sweden, Norway and Scotland used a simple crochet technique.  Slip-stitch crochet was used to make practical, hard wearing garments, such as coats, hats and even underwear!  This practical, artistic art form has always been a popular way of relieving stress, keeping hands, fingers and arm muscles supple and eyes sharp.  It helps improve mental health, increases productivity and builds a person’s self-esteem. This is a hobby that can be enjoyed alone, with a friend or in a large group, it’s also a practical and resourceful way of making things.

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