Is your office making you ill? How to create a hygienic workplace

From time to time employees are expected to take periods of absence from work due to illness. However some people find that they become ill at work regularly yet if they take breaks from work they’ve noticed they are in better health – until they return. Could your office be making you ill?

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There could be many reasons why a person becomes sick and they may not all point to your workplace but it is important to make sure you eliminate this from your list as a reason, and if moving jobs isn’t an option, there are ways in which things can be improved.

Air quality

Something we take for granted is the air we breathe. It needs to be of good quality so ventilation is key. If air conditioning systems aren’t working properly air isn’t distributed as well as it should be, and all it takes is a crowded meeting room to make you feel a little off colour. The air in a crowded room with no or little ventilation will contain a lot of carbon dioxide from exhaled air and without effective ventilation this makes for poor air quality.

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Biological factors

Mould, pollens and dust mites also cause upset. Such things can collect on furniture and carpeting quickly so it’s important your workplace is cleaned regularly to avoid these pests. A Leicester cleaning company can help provide solutions suitable for the business and its employees. says that there’s plenty an employee can do to help their situation.

1. Dispose of rubbish quickly to prevent unwanted smells and contamination
2. Eating areas should be clean to avoid attracting pests
3. If you smoke, do it outside away from the air ducts, and comply with your company’s smoking policy
4. Don’t block any air vents
5. Store food properly. Keep perishable food in the refrigerator, and clean the refrigerator out frequently to prevent smells and mould
6. Take care of your office plants – dusty, dying plants don’t do anything for the air quality in your office, and over-watered plants can develop mould

It’s also important to speak with your manager and HR department if you really feel that your office is impacting your health. Together with their input they can investigate and put things right if they need to.


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