Introducing SmarTap: The Future for Your Bathroom

We’re all becoming more accustomed to the idea of incorporating technology into our daily lives. From video-calling friends and family half way across the globe to getting a little bit of assistance from sensors when reversing into a tight parking space, technology can make every part of our lives just that little bit easier.

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Although the bathroom won’t necessarily be the area of your home that immediately springs to mind when thinking about new and emerging technology, the SmarTap system is proving that the future is already here and ready to revolutionise your bathroom experience.

A Brief Introduction to the SmarTap

It’s Monday morning and you have hit the snooze button on your alarm clock a couple of times because it’s a bit chilly and you’re not quite ready to begin the working week. We’ve all been there, and anything that makes the morning run as smoothly as possible is always a good thing, right? Well, if you have a SmarTap, as you’re snoozing your shower will turn itself on and automatically set itself to your preferred water temperature.

Not only will you step into a comfortingly warm bathroom, but you won’t have to think about anything until after you’ve had your first cup of coffee as your shower will automatically turn itself off after seven minutes. This will help you to both save water, which as this WaterWise article explains is crucial, and ensure you won’t start your day running late.

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Smart Technology

SmarTap technology can be fully integrated with other smart technology such as Alexa, and also protect outdoor pipes from freezing in the colder months. The ideal accompaniment to every modern bathroom, pair this intuitive technology with some luxurious 12mm shower glass panels, like those available at, and some stylish tiles for the ultimate spa-like experience at home.

Different profiles can be set for each member of the family, meaning you can ask Alexa to run a bath for the baby or set the water running for a hot, muscle-relaxing post-gym shower for yourself, with the knowledge that each will be perfectly temperature adjusted according to your desired settings.

The system will even closely monitor itself and, upon detecting an issue, can notify the appropriate department and arrange for a visit from an engineer long before you’re even aware there’s anything wrong.

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