Hydraulic v electric: Which winch should you use?

To choose between a hydraulic and electric winch, you must first consider what you’ll need the winch for and therefore how strong, durable and powerful it needs to be, how difficult the job is, and your budget constraints. Let’s take a closer look at the differences.

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Hydraulic winches are powered by hydraulic pressure from a vehicle’s steering pump and are designed for heavy-duty work, such as for tow-trucks. According to Market Watch, they can be used for material lifting or leveling. They will prevent overheating as well as damage to the structure and issues with the electrical system. If you are using your vehicle as a tow truck, the hydraulic version might be best. An electric winch is widely used by vehicle owners as its lightweight design uses electricity to wind up and off the cable, and it usually uses two motors to generate torque.

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The electric winch is more cost-effective and easier to install, whilst the hydraulic winch is from five to 10 times costlier but is explicitly designed to finish any larger-scale jobs and needs additional equipment for use, such as a hydraulic motor, pipe, and fittings. The hydraulic winch is more efficient than the electric winch because it is tougher, more reliable, and has more strength to provide a constant performance throughout the job.


Minimal maintenance work is needed to operate an electrical winch, while a hydraulic one https://www.brevini.co.uk/power-transmission/winches/ needs more maintenance. Depending on the size of an electric winch, it will offer different ranges for pulling capacity. Should your vehicle not have enough battery power, it will stop working. A big advantage is that even if your vehicle’s engine happens to be dead, an electric winch should work for several minutes until it gains sufficient power from the battery. The hydraulic version works at a slower pace than the electrical version and needs a running engine in order to remain in working condition.

If you need a consistent winch that is tough-wearing and long-lasting, you should go for the hydraulic variety. However, if you are an off-roader, an electric winch is a wise choice as there is no guarantee that your vehicle will be on the whole time you’re stuck down in the mud!

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