How to quieten noisy pipes

Noisy pipes can range from mildly annoying to infuriatingly loud. There are several different distinctive noises to look out for.

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Banging pipes

If you always hear a banging noise when you turn on the water, it is likely that the pipes are hitting against something. You can tackle this by inserting a piece of garden hose or rubber in the gap between the pipe and the part of the wall it is meant to be attached to.

Knocking sound (hot water only)

If the knocking sound only happens when you run the hot water, it probably indicates that your water heater is set at a level that is too high. The knocking noise is steam in the pipes. Simply turning down the heat setting should be enough to silence the knocking noise.


It is not uncommon for drainpipes and supply pipes to be next to each other, and sometimes they can hit one another, resulting in a clattering sound. If this is the case, you could either solder the two together or wedge a piece of rubber between them.

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Remember that you are responsible for the maintenance and repair of any drains that are inside the boundaries of your private property.

Sucking noises

If your pipes make a noise that sounds like sucking when water drains from the sink/basin, this could mean that there is no vent attached to the drain or that the vent in the sink is restricted. This can be resolved by removing any clogging from the pipes or installing an antisiphon trap.

Water hammer

This is actually a very specific noise issue. It happens when water is shut off suddenly and the water that is whooshing through the pipes suddenly stops, producing a hammering noise (water hammer). Some plumbing systems have air chambers that can help prevent this, and ideally you should be able to install such chambers. If you have no air chambers and it is not feasible to install them, you can try to relieve water hammer by installing a pressure-reducing valve or a globe valve.

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