How to make your blog stand out

Blogging is big business. With well over 150 million blogs populating the internet, every blogger is faced with the challenge of attracting readers. Whether you focus on your content or hire Cheltenham web designers to improve the design of your blog, you will need to find ways to stand out from the crowd. Here is how to boost your blog’s profile.

Be an expert

Don’t churn out the same content as other bloggers − put a fresh spin on the copy and show that you are an expert in your field. Don’t be afraid to voice your opinions and even be a little controversial, but back up any comments with evidence and only write about things you know about.

Be useful

Readers love actionable and useful content, so consider how your posts can help your audience in a practical way. When readers can get involved, it makes your blog more appealing than content that is purely informational.

Lists and how tos

Blogs that feature lists such as ‘tops tens’ or ‘how tos’ are easily digestible and incredibly popular among readers, so arrange your content into this format to gain audience approval.

Design rules

It’s not just what you say that makes a blog stand out but also how it looks. Pay attention to good design rules and use the services of a blog design specialist such as Cheltenham web designer Consider adding features such as a next and previous post feature, a popular posts feature, author comments and a top search bar. Colour and typography choice also impact the look and feel of a blog, so go for ones that are easy to read and suit the style of your blog.

Quality over quantity

There is a widely-held belief in the blogging community that the more you post, the better you are as a blogger; in reality, quality is more important than quantity and you will be held in higher esteem for posting a single epic article over a dozen bland pieces.

Connect with your audience

Boost your blogging profile by interacting with your readers. This adds personality to your posts and shows there is a human behind the content. Give readers the opportunity to comment on your posts and always reply to feedback. If you make a connection with your audience, they will return next time you publish a post.

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