How to improve your kerb appeal

Do you long to be that house that just looks perfect and totally all up together? From the spot-on paint job to the delicately pruned plants, there are some homes that just scream kerb appeal. It’s not just that those homeowners are obsessive-compulsive as it makes good sense to sort out the exterior of your property to increase its resale value. Here are some quick and easy ways to feel prouder of your property and spruce it up a bit:

  1. Have a Clean Up

This doesn’t have to cost much and can be as simple as trimming back some hedges, a bit of weeding or picking up litter. Store away any loose items, random stuff and garden furniture and give the driveway a good clean. For a professional Driveway cleaning service Evesham, visit

  1. Landscaping

Again, this doesn’t have to get complicated. A few plants, some nice pots and a bit of hedge-trimming will make a surprisingly big difference to your frontage. If you don’t know where to begin, consider hiring a local handyman or gardener to lend a hand and make some suggestions. The condition of your front lawn is also important visually. Regular mowing, raking, weeding and watering will keep it in tip-top condition.

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  1. Water

Visually interesting focal points are another great way to give your exterior something special. Water features are popular, or maybe some garden ornaments or a statuette. Intricate and attractive bird baths, a pond or even a small fountain can add style and elegance to a front garden.

  1. A lick of paint

If you notice that cleaning down your property hasn’t made a big enough impression, consider giving any timber frames, trims, sidings or fences a quick coat of paint. This is a relatively cheap chore but can transform the look of your home.

  1. Front Path

The path from the street to your front door can be more than just a passageway. Use it as an introduction to your home style, a welcoming entrance and the start of your décor. Whether formal or casual, you can introduce elements of concrete, stone or tile in mosaic patterns for example. There are tons of materials, designs and ideas for you to turn your path into something grand indeed.

  1. Front Door

The same can be said of your front door. A new door can totally transform the exterior of your property, whether you opt for bright and colourful or stately and majestic with stunning details. Even the small things like a letterbox, house number and potted plants won’t cost you a fortune but will make a big difference.

  1. Lighting

Outdoor lighting is a useful way to make a statement without changing too much. You can highlight different features, enlighten the path and improve security with exterior lighting options. Combining functional and accent lighting is a great way to combine dramatic effect with purpose and security.

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