How to heat your home efficiently.

Heat retention within the home is one of the most important elements to keeping a house efficient and as green as possible. There is very little point in heating your home only for that heat to escape. It naturally follows that the house will become cold again making you increase the heating in a vicious circle of wasted resources and high energy bills. What can you do to stop this from happening?

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  1. Invest in double glazing. If you haven’t then you should. Double glazing removes the problem of high heat loss from the windows.
  2. Choosing a different heating system. Radiators might not be the key. Instead look at an Underfloor Heating Gloucestershire based companies product. Here the warmth comes from the floor. Hot air rises so the source of heat is direct and not lost as it is with a wall mount.

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  1. Cavity wall insulation. Fill the gap between your walls to retain the heat rather than lose it through the brick work.
  2. Loft Insulation. As stated before heat rises. There is little point in warming your loft and decent insulation will bounce that heat right back into the home.
  3. Have your boiler regularly checked. A yearly service is what is needed to make sure it is working at maximum efficiency.

Get this done and you will find there is less need to turn up the thermostat.

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