How to furnish your home bar

At this time of year, we focus on entertaining and inviting people over for festive celebrations. If you’ve been planning a home bar to concoct special cocktails and wow your guests, you’ll want to know exactly what you need to make it look great. Whether it’s a classy cocktail affair or you’re seeking a pub-style atmosphere, here are some must-haves for your home bar:

You might think it’s indulgent to have a home bar, but it’s easier than you think. The number of items of furniture you need will depend on how much of a centrepiece you want, how much space you have and how many people are likely to be frequenting your bar.

The space you have available and your entertaining habits will impact the type of bar furniture you choose. You want to make it highly appealing without breaking the bank, so here are some items to consider:

Home bar furniture pieces

The ideal style of your home bar will depend on your lifestyle and entertaining habits as well as the amount of available space. Here are a few furniture pieces to consider:

Bar stools

You’re unlikely to have the space to devote an entire room to having tables and chairs dotted about the place. An ideal choice is bar stools for your guests to perch on while you make drinks. Stools come in a wide range of colours, sizes, styles, heights and materials so depending on your preference, you can get anything you want. For a pub atmosphere, consider a traditional pub stool and for a classier affair, why not look at art deco designs?


For those lucky enough to have lots of space, perhaps in a basement or extension for example, you can include sofas, armchairs and chairs as well as bar stools. This gives you an area to retire to after your guests have watched you prepare the drinks.

Sofas and chairs let your guests relax properly and you’ll want to make good choices as this is where you and your guests will spend most of the evening. Consider the Tolix Style Chair from An incredibly popular chair design used in restaurants, cafes and bars all over the world.


Obviously, any bar needs plenty of storage space for bottles, glasses, equipment and ingredients. You could consider the popular choices, such as wine racks, cupboards and drinks cabinets but why not consider shelves to display your glassware, an island with cupboards or transforming an old bookcase for example.

There are loads of little details you can add to your home bar. The finishing touches to make it personal and special, before you show it off to your guests. Things you could include might be a drinks trolley, a fancy ice bucket and cocktail shaker. Think about positioning some mood lighting around your seating area and some ornaments or artwork.

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