How to clean your woodburning stove

Woodburning stoves have become more and more popular in homes up and down the country. In this article we take a look at some top tips on how to keep your woodburning stove in the best condition.

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Whether you own a stove or stoves Northern Ireland or Northallerton, there are certain things you need to do to look after your woodburner including repairing rust, looking after the paintwork and ordering new parts if required.

Former glory

Although practical, energy efficient and lovely to look at, woodburning stoves won’t look after themselves.

Tools of the trade

In order to carry out essential maintenance of your stove, you will need a stiff brush, floor cleaner, stain blocking solution, slate oil, glass stove cleaner, stove paint and steel wool. You can purchase these at any reputable woodburning stove manufacturer – try

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Step by step

There are lots of handy tips on how to clean your stove; here’s what we recommend:

– Remove soot and tar – if soot and tar deposits have built up, clean away dirt and use some stain block. Once dry it can be painted with any type of paint;
– Repair rust – use steel wool to rub away the dust. Remember to wear protective gloves and once you have tidied up the dust, your stove is ready for painting;
– Re-spray – mask the glass doors and metal handles with masking tape and make sure you the room is ventilated before you start;
– Clean the window – use a stove glass cleaner and a damp rag;
– Rope seal – the rope seal around the door will eventually wear which will affect its efficiency and leak fumes.
– Health check – clean out the ash and check the firebricks are not broken. Leave the air inlets open and the door to encourage air flow. Order new parts if required and arrange for a chimney sweep to sweep the chimney.
– Clean the hearth – clean the hearth with floor cleaner and leave for four days once properly dried with an old towel before applying a sealer. Slate oil repels both dirt and ash as well as ensuring the slate can still breathe. Apply the sealer with either a brush or sponge and leave for up to two hours to dry.

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