How to choose dining chairs

Eating together is an essential part of human social behaviour. Whether hosting a major party or an intimate family meal, the furniture in your dining room is key. Picking dining chairs that are comfortable and stylish is one way to help make your dinners successful.

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Factors you may wish to consider when choosing your chairs include how their colour scheme will fit with the rest of your room. You may want a long “dining bench” instead of lots of individual chairs, and if you do have chairs, you will need to decide everything from whether you want arms to the level of decoration. Another important decision is the material used for both chair and upholstery:

1. Wood

Wood is a classic material, and can be used in rooms with traditional or modern designs. There are a range of features available, such as tapered legs or a cross back. You also have a choice of leaving the wood bare, or decorating with covers and cushions.

2. Wicker

Another traditional, durable material, styles include the mixture of paper and wire sold by companies, such as Lloyd Looms dining chairs

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3. Velvet upholstery

The rich fabric of velvet upholstery can easily create a grand and striking impression. You do not need a lot, but the silk fibres can be dyed in a range of vivid colours. Velvet is also easier to clean than linen.

4. Linen upholstery

Linen is stronger than cotton and gives a more understated finish than velvet. Cool and soft, with a range of neutral colours, it can provide the perfect contrast to more vividly coloured décor.

5. Leather upholstery

Leather is most popular in black or tan, but it can come in a surprisingly broad range of colours. Black may appear more modern, whilst brown may appear more classical. Leather is a durable material than only needs wiping down to keep clean and it will not trap dog or cat hair.

6. Loose covers

If you do not know what upholstery you want on your chair, you could choose a design with loose covers. This will allow you to switch between cotton and linen, or bright or neutral colours, extending the life of the piece overall. It is simple to remove the covers for cleaning and you can replace them if they become too worn.

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