How to Choose a Bathroom Window Dressing

The window dressing you choose for your bathroom needs to fulfil a range of practical functions, but it should look aesthetically pleasing, too. With various options to pick, deciding on the style and type of bathroom window dressing deserves careful consideration.

How to Choose a Bathroom Window Dressing

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A Contemporary Approach

Bathroom windows of yesteryear were often adorned with frilly net curtains, but when this style lost its supporters, many windows went naked instead – not so bad if your glass was frosted, but a glaring problem if you had see-through panes. Fortunately, there are now more favourable styles of bathroom window dressings available.

A Humid Environment

Bathrooms get humid and damp, so the window dressing you choose for this room must be able to cope with these conditions. Any dressing that traps moisture may quickly get mouldy, so look for specific coverings that are designed for wet rooms like bathrooms or kitchens.

According to Ideal Home, waterproof vinyl shutters are perfect for bathrooms if you want to ensure water and humidity won’t damage your purchase over time. The beauty of vinyl or aluminium shutters is that they repel moisture and steam but are also very versatile and are suitable for all window shapes. They also ensure you have total privacy. Although many people like the aesthetic appeal of wood, this isn’t that suitable for bathroom windows, as the damp can cause the timber to swell.

How to Choose a Bathroom Window Dressing2

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Roller blinds are also a great practical choice for bathroom windows, offering you privacy and affordability. When purchasing bathroom roller blinds, be sure to look for a type made from moisture-resistant fabric. Waterproof bathroom roller blinds from reputable retailers, such as, are easy to maintain and keep clean but also come in a wide range of styles to complement your bathroom decor.

Style Appeal

Select your bathroom window dressing according to the style of your bathroom, such as a particular theme or colour preference or the type of ambience you want to create. For those bathrooms emulating a spa experience, floor-to-ceiling sheer curtains are especially in keeping with this theme.

For small or dark rooms, pick window dressings that are light in colour to brighten up the space and make it feel more airy. Pay attention to the hardware you choose to accompany your dressings, and choose high-quality fittings that won’t easily rot or rust.

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