How to change colours in crochet

Changing colours in crochet can add variety and interest to your project, making it personalised. There are several ways you can do this.

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Amend the colours at the beginning of a row

To do this, complete the last stitch in the previous colour. Before completing this step, introduce the new hue. Yarn over with the new colour, pulling it through the last loops of the old colour. To secure the old colour and prevent it from unravelling, tie a small knot with the old and new colour tails. Make the knot close to the base of the stitch, then start working with the new colour.

You can also change colours in the middle of a row

Work the last stitch of the old colour up to the last yarn-over or pull-through. Before completing the last step, introduce the new colour. Yarn over with the new colour and tie a small knot close to the base of the stitch to secure the old colour. Trim the excess yarn tails.

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Handy tips for changing colours

To create a neat finish, weave in the loose ends of the yarn tails with a needle once you have finished your project. When tying knots to secure the colours, be gentle to avoid distorting the stitches. Tighten just enough to secure the tails. You should also plan your colour changes in advance. Play around with colour placement so that you can put your own stamp on the project.

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