How to Be Prepared for Carpet Spillages

Accidents happen and spills on the carpet should be dealt with calmly. It’s easy to panic, but frantically scrubbing at a stain is the worst thing you can do. Here’s how to prepare for those inevitable spills.

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Preparation Is Key

Make sure you stock up on cleaning products so you’ll be prepared for an emergency. The items you need to have include a white absorbent towel or cloth, ammonia solution, detergent vinegar and surgical spirit. Each of these products works on different stains, which we’ll cover next.

The Basic Rinse Procedure

You need to know how to remove different types of stains, but there’s a basic rinse procedure that applies to all stains.

– Add one part vinegar to four parts water
– Use a spray bottle to spray the stain
– Remove excess moisture by blotting the area
– Put kitchen towels over the area and secure with a weighted object
– Leave it overnight if needed

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Some stains are too difficult to remove yourself, and many are seeking the services of a Cheltenham Carpet Cleaning Company such as You’ll need to prepare your carpet before it’s professionally cleaned.

Tea, Liquid Foods, Coffee, Alcohol and Urine

These stains can be difficult to control, but using the right technique makes a difference.

– Blot up the spillage
– You’ll need detergent vinegar for these types of stains – only use a little at a time
– Start with the edge then move inwards
– Blot the stain regularly
– Follow the basic rinse procedure

Chocolate, Vomit, Blood, Glue, Egg, Ice Cream

– Use a knife to scrape off the excess
– Clean with from the edges to the centre
– Blot the stain dry
– Add ammonia solution then blot it dry
– Follow the basic rinse procedure

Solids, Chewing Gum, Oil, Polish

– Use a knife to scrape off the excess
– Dry-clean the stain, then follow with detergent vinegar
– Blot the stain dry
– Follow the final rinse procedure

Further Tips

– Follow the instructions on the cleaning detergent bottles
– Deal with stains as soon as possible
– Work from the edge of the stain or you risk spreading it
– Use a hairdryer to dry the stain quickly.
– Test the detergent before you use it
– Don’t apply the detergent to the carpet – use a cloth or brush
– Always blot – never scrub

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