How to arrange the best stag party ever!

So are the you the lucky guy who’s task it is to arrange the best stag party for the groom to be? It is a daunting task and you are probably thinking where do I begin – or you may have a few ideas already. Here are a few things to think about when it comes to making the most amazing send-off party!

The first thing to think of is who is going to be coming and how many. Some grooms like to invite older family member’s dads and grandads, and some may have younger brothers or nephews that they want to include in the celebrations – this can make a classic drunken bar crawl a bit difficult, but why not do some day time activities with the family involved – depending on what the groom is into there are so many options. Tank experience days with are great fun, and can include the whole family – who doesn’t want to get behind the wheel of a tank!?

If you are planning on staying away for the night, you could book a fancy hotel, and then anyone who wants to come out on the traditional drinking and clubbing night can do. Of course, the stag himself may be a big drinker – a meal out would be a good idea if you don’t want a night on the town. Maybe a theme weekend based on the groom to be’s hobbies and interests. Of course if you can include funny fancy dress you will get extra points!

How to arrange the best stag party ever

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Of course, you may want to go abroad – it is a very popular choice to go abroad, but remember to check who is coming, make sure that they all have passports – you don’t want any last minute no-shows at the airport! Going somewhere hot and sunny that you can all let your hair down is great, it may need a little more organisation as not everyone may be able to commit to a holiday away. Some stags choose to have two parties, one in the UK and one abroad so that they can include everyone – and of course, who wouldn’t want two stag parties!

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