How roof sealant works

The roof is an essential  part of a home’s construction. It keeps out the wet, wind and rain plus all the other elements that the weather can throw at us. If the roof goes down then the whole lot is going to come down. This is why it is vital that the roof is watertight and doing its job properly.

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With this in mind it is essential that the roof has a decent Roof sealant in place. You need to go to to get some high quality product to apply to the roof so that you know one hundred percent that nothing is going to get through.

Sealant is a plastic by-product that comes out smooth and is pushed into any cracks on the roof that have occured over the years. Another form of sealant is a liquid rubber paint that is applied as an overall coating for the roof. This flows into any holes and cracks so that the roof is completely covered with the sealant. This can last for years and even decades.

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If the wet is able to get in it can cause mold and mildew growth. The beams of the eaves can become rotten. This is very bad news as it can weaken the structure and bring the roof tiles down onto the ceiling.

Rather than risk a costly repair bill, go with the cheaper, preventative measure of the roof sealant.

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