How often should you mow your lawn?

If you want to improve the quality of your lawn, mowing little and often will be more effective than waiting until the grass has grown considerably and then cutting it very short.

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When to cut your lawn

According to the BBC’s gardening guide, most lawns should be cut weekly with the blades set to 3cm at the beginning of the year. Later in the spring and summer, when the grass is growing more quickly, the blades can be lowered to 2cm and the frequency of mowing increased.

If the weather is hot and dry, the grass should be allowed to grow longer. If there is a drought, the grass may turn brown but will recover when the rain comes in the autumn.

Weed control

The best way to control weeds in a lawn is to cultivate a dense turf that prevents the weed seeds coming into contact with the soil, as they are unlikely to grow if they do not meet the soil. To grow a dense and healthy lawn, you probably need to be mowing it once a week. If you leave it for longer between cuts or cut too short, you may be left with a patchy and thin lawn in which weeds can easily take root.

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Lawn mower care

It is important to keep your mower in good condition, so check it at the beginning of the season. If you need to replace a blade or carry out other maintenance, companies such as stock the Mountfield spares you need.

Setting the mower at the correct height is important, as you should not remove more than one-third of the grass blade with each cut. This means that if you have the mower set at 2cm, you need to mow when the grass is 3cm long; if the mower is set for 3cm, you need to cut the grass when or before it is 4.5cm.

In periods of good growth, such as spring and autumn, you should cut the grass every seven to ten days if you have a rotary mower and every three to five days if your mower is a cylinder model.

In dry summers, mow at least fortnightly if you are using a rotary mower and weekly if you are using a cylinder mower.

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