Heat loss and heat gain through windows

If you are looking to minimise heat loss in your home, windows are a good place to start. It is estimated that 10% of the heat in your home is lost through the windows. Another problem is that your home can heat up uncomfortably due to heat gain through windows. This happens for a number of reasons, including radiation through the glass, and air leakage around the sealing and frame. For these reasons, having good quality glazing in your windows is vital.

Heat loss and heat gain through windows

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Conduction and Convection

About two-thirds of energy loss comes through radiation. This is where the window absorbs heat from the room and this heat passes through the glazing via conduction and convection to the outside of the pane, where it is cooler. Heat is also lost through convection within the glazing cavity. In these instances, having your glazing replaced with thicker glazing and more layers can improve heat loss. In homes with triple glazing, there is a marked increase in heat retention.

Heat can also be conducted through the window frames. The rate of conduction varies, with wooden frames a better option than metal for retaining heat. The sealing of double glazing panes is another area where heat can escape, as individual panes are sealed by spacer bars which are normally made from aluminium, which encourages heat loss.

Old Buildings and Ill-Fitting Windows

Of course, one of the biggest problems for heat loss is ill-fitting windows. Older windows often have ventilation gaps, which means there are many leakages through the window fittings. Traditional sash windows, for example, are often found in older buildings and these perform poorly when it comes to air leakage.

In the case of older windows, replacement glazing is often needed. Whether you are looking for replacement glazing in Leciester or another Midlands town, there are many specialists who can handle this job, such as http://www.nanduglass.co.uk replacement glazing specialists in Leicester. In fact, although many people are put off replacing their glazing, or getting double glazing for the first time due to costs, the long-term savings on energy bills ensure this is a worthwhile investment.

Expert glaziers can use new technology to reduce heat loss and heat gain through windows through methods such as using coated, low-e glass, gas filled units, insulating spacebars, low iron glass, and efficient composite frames.

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