Healthy New Year’s resolutions that you should stick to.

In theory, a New Year’s resolution is a good idea, with the start of a new year being a good time to re-evaluate and make positive changes. Here are some resolutions you really should stick to:

Healthy New Year’s resolutions that you should stick to.

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Quit smoking

It’s one of the hardest habits to quit, but multiple attempts are the key to success and the benefits are enormous. Your risks of coronary heart disease, heart attacks and strokes reduce by 50% and the risk of being diagnosed with lung cancer reduces by 30 – 50%, if you quit. Your overall health will improve and you’ll see financial savings too.

Reduce alcohol intake

Cutting back can improve your general well-being. You’ll have more energy, your skin will look better, you won’t be tired in the mornings and you won’t be piling on the pounds. Of course, there are more serious harmful effects from regularly drinking over the low-risk guidelines, such as heart disease, liver disease, high blood pressure, throat and breast cancer. You will also save money if you buy less booze.

Lose weight

Gained weight over Christmas and need to lose those extra pounds? Drop a dress size and look amazing, feel better in yourself and get healthier. The health issues with being overweight or obese are significant, so get yourself a healthier diet and exercise more.


Exercise makes you stronger and healthier and makes you look better. Leicester osteopath, TownOsteo ( recommends a daily regime of stretches and exercises, which will improve your back by strengthening the core abdominal muscles, therefore increasing your overall strength.


This will reduce stress levels and make you feel much healthier. Meditation is good for our bodies and our relationships, and has numerous health benefits.

Get more sleep

Sleep plays an important role in our physical health, giving us healthier brain function and better emotional well-being. There are also significant health implications linked to sleep deprivation.

Stay in touch

It’s easy to stay indoors and vegetate, especially on cold winter days, but a lack of social bonds can cause depression and loneliness. Keep in touch with friends and family and arrange to meet up regularly, as this will help lift your spirits and keep you feeling positive.

These seven resolutions will bring massive health improvements, so stick at it!

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