Great things to do on a weekend break in Dungannon

It is September and the kids are back to school. It probably feels like a long time has passed since you enjoyed your family summer holiday, and the next break can’t come quickly enough. In Dungannon, Northern Ireland, you and your children can enjoy a fantastic, fun-filled weekend, so be sure to book an autumn family break now! Here are some tips on where to go and where to stay in the area.

Great things to do on a weekend break in Dungannon

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Places to go

The Argory is a Neo-classical house set in 130 hectares of woodland and water and is perfect for getting young ones excited about history. Let’s face it: it’s not easy to truly take much in through books alone. The old Irish gentry house hasn’t changed a bit since 1900, so you and your family can really get a feel for how life in the early 20th century would have been.

If you would like to take the children on an excursion where they can look at and pet animals that they would not normally find at home, Annaginny Farm Park is a great choice. You can get up close to llamas, alpacas, wallabies, swans, mice and all sorts of bird and fish species. Once you have made your way around all of the little creatures, you can enjoy a BBQ and your young ones can pass some time on the huge bouncy castle.

For the nature lovers out there, Peatlands Park is a divine reserve that offers more than 16 km of breathtaking paths full of vegetation and wildlife. A stroll around the 10,000-year-old peat is sure to make you feel tired, so you’ll be looking forward to checking into a luxury B&B at the end of the day!

Where to stay

There are numerous places to stay in and around the Dungannon area, but if you are looking for accommodation in a luxury B&B in Northern Ireland, you can try Ashbrook House a Luxury B&B in Northern Ireland, Tyrone, which is situated just a short drive away from Dungannon (approximately 12.5 miles).

With only a few examples of things to do listed above, you are sure to find a selection of activities to suit you and your family. Dungannon really is a place that the entire family can enjoy.

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