Gluten-Free Christmas: Tips and Recipes for the Festive Period

Just because someone is gluten-intolerant, it doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy some fabulous food over the Christmas festive period. Whether you are catering for yourself or others who eat a gluten-free diet, here are some handy shopping tips and tasty recipes.

Gluten-Free Christmas

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Gluten-free foods do not have to be plain and poorly textured. They can often be lighter and even more delicious than those that contain gluten. So don’t feel you have to prepare a whole separate meal for those who are gluten-intolerant or coeliac – with these useful recipes, the whole family can dig in.

If you are not used to catering gluten-free, then you may be feeling stressed at the prospect. After all, it does add another layer of thought and preparation to the proceedings. Carefully scrutinising the labels on foods and avoiding all foods and accompaniments that include gluten can be time-consuming and worrisome. However, many supermarkets these days include a wide range of gluten-free products, including gluten free snacks, making it easier to select flour, bread and other products.

Gluten-Free Products

In the gluten-free section of your supermarket you will find gluten-free flour, a staple for any decent pastry or cake. Gluten-free potato flour will add substance to any sauce or gravy. Gluten-free oatcakes are perfect for canapés topped with cream cheese and smoked salmon or to accompany a delicious festive cheese board. Gluten free snacks are also handy to have at home, but what gluten free snacks are healthy for you? A few well-chosen snacks at home will give you and your guests a healthy energy boost rather than turning to unhealthy junk food.

Bread Sauce

Genius bread is one of the leading brands of gluten-free bread and sets the standard high. It makes great bread sauce and stuffing too. As it is highly absorbent, allow a bit more milk for a standard bread sauce recipe.

Christmas Pudding

Shop-bought gluten-free Christmas puddings can be delicious. The following have undertaken a taste test:

Sausage Balls

For an extra on your Christmas dinner plate, take some Black Farmer gluten-free sausages and remove the skins so you are left with the sausage meat. Roll it into balls and wrap a half piece of pancetta around it, then roast in the oven around the turkey for about 20 minutes.

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