Gifts for the gardener who has everything

So, you need to buy a gift for a green-fingered guru but don’t know where to start? They already seem to own every tool and accessory required for their beloved hobby. You don’t want to duplicate or buy something inferior, so you need some inspiration for unique ideas. Here are some ideas for those hard-to-please gardeners:

Good Quality Mini Shears

A nice sharp instrument for dealing with any wayward shrubbery is a gift that will always be appreciated. The ability to easily shape borders and prune back shrubs after a year of growth is a lot more satisfying with a tool that makes light work of the job. They need to be sharp, flexible and comfortable to use and look stylish too. For ultimate luxury, why not consider a set of Japanese topiary shears?

Hand-Crafted Spade

When it comes to digging the dirt, why not make the job as pleasurable as possible? An expensive, hand-crafted spade is something the recipient will treasure for a lifetime. The craftsmanship means great strength and durability, with hand-polished curves and comfortable hand grips. It will seem a shame to get it mucky!

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Luxury Gardening Gloves

If the person you’re buying for is always losing their gloves or leaving them in the compost heap, then treat them to a pair of super comfy gloves that they might look after a bit better. They will keep their hands warm and dry in any weather conditions and be a gift that’s very much appreciated.


Garden decoration can be a very personal choice that you might wish to avoid for that very reason. However, if you choose an item that is timeless, classic, neutral in colour and perhaps antique – your gift is sure to be joyfully received. Something understated yet sophisticated like Staddle stones for sale would make the perfect gift.

Grafting Knife

Why make do with a blunt old penknife when you could be treated to a super sharp grafting knife for all those tough gardening jobs? Some of the best on the market are pricey but beautifully crafted, weighted and made to provide years of gardening service.

Magazine Subscription

Give some thought to your gardening friend or family member who is at a loss during the winter months. Give them something to snuggle up with whilst enjoying a hot chocolate with an annual subscription to a favourite gardening magazine. Rakes Progress is a popular choice which is available quarterly and contains excellent articles and gorgeous photography. This will surely give them plenty of inspiration and enthusiasm in time for spring.

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Gardening Books

Monty Don is a well-known expert gardener and his latest book would make a great gift for anyone who shares his passion. He shares his thoughts on his own gardening philosophy, discusses the reasons why we garden and contains plenty of light-hearted and engaging prose.

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