From majestic beauty to ugly eyesores, buildings in Gloucester

From the beauty and splendour of Gloucester Cathedral to the dark depressing hospital tower in Gloucester there are landmark buildings that stand out for many reasons good and bad!  Witness the stunning views from the top of Chosen Hill and step inside the intimate surroundings of St Bartholomew’s Church, this Grade 1 listed, little gem is certainly worth the effort to go and visit. Situated in Clarence Street, Cheltenham Minster, St Mary’s Church is a breath-taking building with large, yet intricate glass windows. Like the eyes to the Soul these windows watch the regular Church goers and the passing public as they go about their daily lives. You too can have beautiful, secure windows fitted in your home if you need Cheltenham or Gloucester Double Glazing then speak to several experts in this field.

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The derelict former Trident Life Offices in London Road Gloucester have been a dilapidated eyesore for years.  The plan is to eventually knock the remaining building down and replace it with thirty flats as part of a regeneration project. Another vacant ex office block, with broken windows and one that’s been empty for over ten years is the Land Registry in Bruton way.

Let’s return to a building of beauty, glory and grace, the Gothic Revival Woodchester Mansion house in Stonehouse, established in 1870.  Even though this structure was abandoned in the middle of construction and appears to be a stunning, completed home, it has no floors and whole rooms are missing, it’s still well worth a visit.

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