Frequently asked questions about the demolition process

I have to demolish a structure, where do I start?

The first important point is to understand the requirements of the regulation known as SDM 2015. This stands for Construction Design Management. The duties of the customer requiring demolition services are outlined in the CDM 2015.

What is Construction Design Management?

Construction Design Management is a set of rules to help manage and monitor health & safety throughout the pre-construction and construction phase of a project.

Any demolition contractor hired should be able to fully explain the requirements to customers without a clear understanding of what the CDM 2015 entails. Ideally, the company will have specialist professionals who are certified by the Association for Project Safety (APS) which enables them to act as duty holder for the entire project including being appointed as both the principle designer and / or principle contractor. For Birmingham Demolition, visit a site like

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What else is the customer responsible for?

If the property was built before 2000, prior to the demolition taking place, you will need to hire a company to carry out R & D (Asbestos Refurbishment and Demolition) Survey. If the structure was built after 2000, the evidence should be presented in the form of O & M manuals for example, to prove that there was no asbestos in the structure or the maintenance of the structure.

What is an R&D Survey?

The R & D survey (Renovation and Demolition Asbestos) is a report done on the property to identify any asbestos present in buildings / structures. This is to ensure that no people will be affected by the removal of the asbestos-containing materials and the future contractor can be made aware of its presence. The survey will describe all the sources and types of asbestos before any work starts and is part of your asbestos management process.

Do I need planning permission?

No, the actual demolition does not normally require planning permission. However, you – or the demolition contractor that you choose on your behalf – need to seek approval from local authorities first. It’s called a Section 80.

What is meant by Section 80?

A Section 80 is an intended demolition notice submitted to the local authority. You cannot proceed with any demolition until a Section 81 is returned.

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What is meant by Section 81?

The Building Control Department in the local authority would return a Section 81 document to confirm that demolition can begin.

How long should I allow after sending Section 80?

You should allow a maximum of 6 weeks to receive the Section 81.

Who sends off the Section 80?

Either the customer or the demolition contractor can send off the Section 80 application.

Is there a cost?

Some local governments charge a small nominal fee.

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