Foods to help you stay cool and healthy this summer

Food is so important for our health; fortunately, it is easy to use it to improve our overall health and fight off disease. The summer is especially important, as we do not always feel like eating as much as in other seasons and might need more vitamins and minerals to counteract this lower food intake. Read on to discover some healthy foods to keep you cool this summer.

Foods to help you stay cool and healthy this summer

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Fruit and yoghurt

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – if you eat well at this meal, it will set you up for the day ahead. The high water content of fruit means you will be hydrated, which is important in hot months as you will lose more water as sweat. Yoghurt is also good, as it contains healthy bacteria to keep your gut healthy.


In summer, it is great to eat lots of vegetables because these contain many anti-inflammatory properties. They are also high in water, which again keeps you hydrated when your body needs it in the hotter weather. Be careful to cook your vegetables lightly, as boiling then for too long reduces some of the nutrients.

Having lots of vegetables in your diet also ensures you get your five a day, which is vital for optimum health; in fact, it is even a good idea to aim for 10 fruit or veggie pieces per day to give your body everything it needs to function well.

Foods to help you stay cool and healthy this summer2

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Pasta salad

Pasta, bread and potatoes are all great sources of carbs, which you need to stay energised throughout the day. A pasta salad is ideal, as the pasta is high in carbs and the salad is packed with nutrients and minerals while also being high in water.

It is easy to find great recipes online from sources such as Many websites have online food recipe videos, enabling you to see exactly which ingredients you need to cook the dishes, how to prepare them and they should look.

Online recipes are a great place to start for new cooks; in addition, they make a reliable source of ideas for experienced cooks. Whatever you do this summer, make sure you keep your energy and hydration levels high and check out online recipes for great ideas.

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