Five Tips For Moving Into Your First Home

Buying your first home is a right of passage that can be both exciting and stressful. While it maybe a relief to wave good bye to your rental flat, having a mortgage and a home to maintain is a huge commitment.

Getting a mortgage has never been easy for first time buyers, but things could be looking brighter. According to the Independent,  first-time buyer mortgages are up by a third.

If you are lucky enough to have secured your mortgage and are moving into your first home, here are five tips to ensure the process runs smoothly.

Clear out the clutter

Clearing out the clutter from you old home should be first on your agenda. Having fewer boxes to move, will make the process more straightforward and could save money on removal costs. You can use online auction sites or car boot sales to get rid of your unwanted items and you may even make a profit in the process.

Unpack room by room

After the excitement of moving, walking through the door to find yourself surrounded by a sea of boxes can bring you crashing back down to earth. You are likely to feel overwhelmed with the task ahead. Unpack boxes room by room, starting with the bedroom and make sure you know where the kettle is. This will ensure you have somewhere to sleep and can make a hot drink when exhaustion finally takes over.

Five Tips For Moving Into Your First Home

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Start to plan your new home

Once you have unpacked and have your furniture arranged, you can start to plan what you need to do and prioritise the work. Do any rooms require updating and what is your budget? If you are keen on entertaining, you may prefer to start with the kitchen or dining room, or you may decide it is more important to tackle the bedroom first. Perhaps there are other, more pressing jobs that need doing, such as a boiler repairs or electrics. 

Look for furniture bargains

Most first time buyers don’t have much money to spare but fortunately there are several furniture solutions for the more frugal. Free or second hand items can be sourced on freecycle or internet auction sites, which can then be freshened up with a coat of paint. You may even want to visit an Architectural Salvage Company like architectural salvage company who have an array of quirky antiques as brilliant prices.

Repair not replace

Tired kitchen cabinets can be instantly refreshed with a coat of paint and new door handles. In most rooms, small changes can be enough to add the wow factor, a faux fur throw on a sofa with scatter cushions, new lighting, wall stickers or wall art are inexpensive ways to make changes. For more tips check out The Guardian’s DIY guide.

Buying your first home is an exciting and liberating time, allowing you fly the parental nest or escape from untidy flatmates and unscrupulous landlords. While unpacking boxes and furnishing your home can seem a never ending chore, our tips will help to make things easier.

Making home improvements on a budget may require you to be creative, but it is also fun and guarantees that you can add your own individual stamp to your home.

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