Five common web design traps

Any web designer, regardless of the size of company that they’re working for, is faced with numerous challenges, and this can often lead to mistakes and a lack of attention to detail across various platforms.

Five common web design traps

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In a recent article for Forbes, some executives were asked what frequent mistakes were made in designing websites for companies. Here is a look at a few important ones.

Only using A/B tests

A/B tests are great for finding out how something works and which method is more effective, but they can lead to other problems going unnoticed. For example, a company may employ an A/B test to see how something converts, but something else on the page may be affecting the call to action, making this testing method ineffective. That’s why it’s important to constantly revisit your customer journey.

Overcomplicated websites

Make sure you’re familiar with the industry your business is in and the best practices, focusing on simplicity with your website design. Overcomplicating things is only going to confuse your customer, so remain focused on your end goal and make sure this is clear for the customer, too.


You need to create consistency across all platforms, including desktops, laptops and tablets, so customers get the same experience no matter what device they’re using. Northampton web design services such as the Easi Serv Northampton web design agency can help to create a website that suits all platforms but retains a brand image that your customer can become familiar with.

Give your customers control

You’re going to want to create a customer journey that leads a customer to purchase from you, and you need to make the customer feel in control. For example, if you have a long article on your website, shorten it and add a “read more” button so customers have the choice to continue reading or to skip to the next bit of your site. Add a call-to-action at the top and bottom of your pages.

Don’t be overconfident

It’s easy to become absorbed in your own thought processes when it comes to your website, which can quickly lead to you misunderstand your customers and their needs. Try to remain grounded so you can see your website through a customer’s eyes, visualising their customer journey and how they may feel when presented with certain calls to action. You should also continue to redesign.

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