Does your small business need IT support

You may feel that professional IT support is a luxury you simply cannot afford when you run a small business, or perhaps you consider that your firm won’t benefit from this kind of service; however, all businesses are relying more heavily than ever on technology.

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With the FSB’s recent announcement that Brexit will put small firms at risk in particular, a vital part of ensuring that your business will not only last but also grow will come from being certain that your IT is not letting you down.

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Are you willing to risk a data breach?

Cyberattacks are, unfortunately, increasingly common. Some businesses suffer repeated security breaches. The introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation has made it even more imperative that businesses, even small ones, keep their customer data very secure. Breaches of security can be very expensive to fix and can cause significant damage to your company’s reputation and productivity. IT support will help you to make plans to counter threats before they happen. It will also help you to think well ahead should a security issue occur, enabling you to receive advice from experts regarding data recovery and data protection.

Will your business sink or swim?

Managed IT support incorporates a number of solutions in addition to security advice, such as software, cloud-based services and website hosting. These will provide the optimum infrastructure so that your business can thrive and expand. For IT support Cheltenham, companies such as offer a wide range of technical services and will ensure that system downtime – something that can drain patience and money very quickly – is kept at the absolute minimum. UK small businesses lose around £5,600 for every hour that their IT systems are down. Technology can fail in any business, but it hits small companies very hard.

IT support can offer a wealth of valuable advice on how to make technology work for the particular needs of your firm. Technology is advancing at such a rapid pace that it sometimes feels impossible to keep up with the changes. Advice from the professionals about how to make these changes work for you will give you more time to think about the things that matter.

Not investing energy and money in sourcing the right support may turn out to be incredibly costly.

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