The racking inspectors are here

If you are responsible for a warehouse, you must have regular pallet rack inspections as stated in Health and Safety regulations. One of these checks should be done once a year by an expert such as SEMA Approved Rack Inspector. If these checks are not carried out, you could find yourself in trouble, nulling your insurance and find you operating not in accordance with health and safety law.

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Health and Safety Law for warehouses sets out the need for inspection and for that person to be an appointed PRRS (Person responsible for rack safety). Their responsibilities include ensuring that racking is properly installed, used and maintained in accordance with proper guidelines and industry regulations. Find Longspan racking at a site like Rackzone, top suppliers of Longspan.

Employers also have a responsibility to ensure all staff are trained in the use of competent handling equipment and the safe use of storage facilities that includes racking. Training should include information as to what type of pallet is used, and the suitability and their conditions for use, the correct way to load and unload, and the ability to recognize when the damage has been done to racking. Knowing what to do following the discovery of damage and how to start the repair procedure must also be part of the training.

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By having regular rack safety inspections, maintenance costs and insurance premiums should decrease. Insurance companies often insist on regular inspections these days which is why not having them completed will invalidate your insurance.

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